We have seen these cases now for over 10 years. In my opinion, some are lucky and get good dental work. However, the majority are a disaster. The materials are cheap and do not last, and the standard of work is well below the standards set by us at Haly Dental Care. Unfortunately, patients never get the savings they think they will because of:


  •  Over aggressive sales techniques – convincing patients to partake in unnecessary treatments once they are in the chair.


  • Re-doing poor dental work is often expensive. It is very common to hear of a patient who needs two crowns coming out with six crowns, and they still think they have got a bargain and haven’t been conned; this is until the crowns come undone due to shoddy work and subpar materials.


  • Always remember your local dentist cares about your dental health and the welfare of the patient, these mercenary dentists do not!