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dental visits for nursing homesWhy you should avail of this service?

  • All medical card holders are eligible for a free check-up every year. If a patient has availed of their free check-up in December, they are still able to claim their next year’s check-up in the following January; there is no need for them to wait the full year.
  • It is scientifically proven that bad oral hygiene and gum disease has a detrimental effect on other areas of the body, including heart disease. Keeping up to date on dental checks can prevent other health concerns arising.
  • Easy access – We come to the premises to make the checks as easy as possible for the tenants, without forcing them to travel.
  • It is now mandatory that any patient undergoing surgeries such as knee or hip replacements have full dental clearances by a registered dentist. Having annual checks will ensure that any nursing home residents that may need to undergo surgery will be up to date on their dental work.
  • Corporate discount of 15% for all those who avail of our nursing home visits and their families when you visit Haly Dental Care.
  • Accommodate you – Haly Dental Care is open Monday-Thursday until 7pm and every Saturday.

What does this service involve?

10 minute unobtrusive check-up using intra-oral camera (allows you to see on a screen what the dentist sees.) This check involves:

  • Oral cancer screening
  • 6th most common cancer in Ireland
  • First dental practice in Ireland with an Oral-id
  • Unfortunately mouth cancer is increasing at an alarming rate in younger people and has been linked to the HPV virus
  • Everyone over twenty should be screened once a year
  • Gum Disease – Linked to heart disease, strokes and diabetes
  • Tooth Decay – Prevention is the cure
  • Dental Advice – For you and your family

Our Featured Clients

  • Ballincollig Community Nursing Home
  • St Luke’s Nursing Home
  • Blair’s Hill Nursing Home
  • Douglas Nursing Home
  • Bons Secours Mount Desert Nursing Home
Muriel and Chris from Haly Dental Care came to Ballincollig Community Nursing Unit over 2 days in December 2014 to conduct dental screening for 80 continuing care residents. The service they provided was excellent from my first contact with them. They scheduled their visits at a time that suited our residents, provided all their own equipment and they engaged with each resident to ensure they were comfortable throughout their dental assessment.

Muriel put together a report on each individual resident which outlined the results of their dental assessment and any interventions recommended. She also provided us with an individualised oral care plan for each resident and provided an educational update on oral care for our nurses and healthcare assistants. I would recommend Haly Dental Care without hestitaion as they provide a resident centred approach to dental care. This supports Nursing Homes in complying with the National Quality Standards for Residential Care Settings for Older People (HIQA, 2009) in providing their residents access to all services required to meet their needs.

We are looking forward to working with Haly Ddental Care into the future.

Haly Dental Care are the dentists of choice for Douglas Nursing Home for over a year now and we have found them to be proffessional, caring, efficient and prompt. We don’t even have to remind them to do annual checkups as they will call us when they are due. This takes enormous pressure off us. When they arrive on premises they are helpful and efficient. We have found this service to be of great benefit to our residents and a great source of advice and information for us, the care staff
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