Corporate Visits

corporate visitsWhy should our company avail of this service?

  • Paternalism – A recent UK Study (Health and Well Being at Work – London) found that 88% of employees deemed that employers have a responsibility to encourage employees to be physically and mentally healthy.
  • Absenteeism – regular dental/medical check-ups will reduce absenteeism rates. Prevention is better than cure.
  • Employee Investment & loyalty – Caring employers creates happy employees.
  • Statistics will be provided to employer to help monitor employee health.
  • Corporate discount of 15% for all employees and their families when you visit Haly Dental Care.
  • Accommodate you – Haly Dental Care is open Monday-Thursday until 7pm and every Saturday.

What does this service involve?

10 minute unobtrusive check-up using intra-oral camera (allows you to see on a screen what the dentist sees.) This check involves:

  • Oral cancer screening
  • 6th most common cancer in Ireland
  • First dental practice in Ireland with an oral cancer screening device
  • Unfortunately mouth cancer is increasing at an alarming rate in younger people and has been linked to the HPV virus
  • Everyone over twenty should be screened once a year
  • Gum Disease – Linked to heart disease, strokes and diabetes
  • Tooth Decay – Prevention is the cure
  • Dental Advice – For you and your family

Our Featured Clients


EMC have been working with Haly Dental Care since February 2014. In that time we have found their service to be very professional. Their state of the art technology, attention to detail and very educated and friendly staff have been very impressive. The idea of bringing dental health into our work place is one we are very proud to be associated with. We wouldn’t have realised the real importance of dental health and its links with heart disease and strokes as well as mouth cancer if it weren’t for Haly Dental Care. They have educated EMC in a very positive way. We are delighted to recommend Haly Dental Care to other companies.
Oxford International invited Haly Dental Care into our offices in March 2014. Our employees were examined for gum disease, tooth decay and mouth, head and neck cancer. Many members of our team expressed fears of attending a dentist but these were soon put at ease by the friendly and professional staff of Haly Dental Care. I would not hesitate in recommending this service to any other company thinking about availing of it. The set-up of their mobile surgery is exceptionally clean and unobtrusive, while their use of technology to educate the patient further instils their message in a positive way. Our staff left feeling not only at ease with dental treatment, but also having learned the Haly Dental Care philosophy of, A healthy mouth = A healthy life.
DAF Truck Services Cork/Mallow Road Motors are delighted with the service recently provided to our Group by Haly Dental Care. The care and professionalism shown by their Staff was of the highest standard. Our intention is to build on this relationship on an ongoing basis. The checks carried out for oral, neck and head cancer in addition to the dental inspections – gained a very positive response from our Staff. In fact, we all learned a lot on the day – information that will stand us in good stead on a daily basis. Best wishes to all the Haly Team and we look forward to seeing you all again.
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